Marketing & Sales Strategy

Business building Marketing and Sales Strategy and a sharp and ownable positioning, anchored on a deep and thorough understanding of the customer and the business  define what’s possible and what matters most.

With Acumen as your co-pilots, be empowered in shaping the future of your business based on real, solid, and relevant customer insights.


New trends, shifting consumers, evolving technologies, and tighter competition—we’ve been in your shoes. Creating winning brand strategies and making intelligent business decisions with too few actionable insights and too much data, or the lack thereof, is not simple. Allow us to help you make sense of the seemingly ambiguous business situation you are in and piece things together.
Our consultants provide deep knowledge and cross-industry expertise on proven frameworks to help you navigate towards disruption-proof business strategies and pave a clear path forward.


A number of Acumen’s successful consulting projects are in the area of Marketing and Sales.


Acumen has been known for its capability and expertise in this area as it has helped its clients establish, differentiate, and grow their brands.

Strategic Brand Building

Business-building brand proposition that is compelling, differentiated, ownable and brings forth your brand’s innate strength

Brand Expansion & Portfolio Strategy

Defined strategy on how to expand a brand and the resulting scope, roles and relationships of all its extensions into a coherent portfolio architecture

Innovation Lab

Game-changing and revenue generating ideas, processes, products, ventures and solutions to grow the business.


Others would tell you what you need to do and where you need to go.   We prefer to take you there and go through the journey with you. 

There are three phases in the Marketing & Sales Strategy journey: Discovery, Strategy, and Implementation Plan.


Unlock the power of your data and unearth your customers’ deepest life needs. We involve all your stakeholders in sharing their vision and invaluable learnings in order to sustain alignment and to gain a thorough understanding of your customers, your business and its industry.


From Discovery, we will co-create relevant, value-adding, and actionable strategies that include Brand Positioning, Brand Architecture and Identity, and the Marketing Mix Strategies. We use a structured approach to break down complexities and discover new opportunities to win the hearts of your customers, make your brand relevant, and grow your business.

Implementation Plan

Throughout the planning, internal data and insights are paired with external benchmarks and perspectives to yield strategic, innovative, and relevant brand building plans.


Chelet has 20 years of marketing experience in various industries such as Beverage, Dairy, Food, and Confectionary. She started her Marketing Career in San Miguel Beer where she handled both economy and premium beer brands.

She then spent 9 years in Fonterra Brands, and led the growth of different Dairy Categories such as Maternal, Family Milk, and Dairy Foods with her expertise in Brand Positioning, Innovation and Concept Development. She was part of Fonterra Regional Team (Asia Middle East) think tank for Innovation and brand architecture for brands in the Maternal, Kids, Family, and Dairy Foods categories.

Chelet’s passion for understanding the business and the consumer continues to drive her in leading various projects for Acumen such as Tanduay, Conti’s, Century Pacific, Western Union, Sky Cable, and Hershey’s, and the first cross-generational consumer understanding research of Acumen. She is also a professor at the UA&P, teaching Brand Management and Human Insight to IMC students.

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