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Strategy Navigator

We provide a comprehensive and guided strategic planning process so you can set clear business ambitions and make calculated decisions.


Business landscapes are ever evolving—but there are certain changes and disruptions that prove more significant and impactful for companies than the usual, often predictable shifts in the economic environment. 


Competition could become more fierce or new laws and regulations may shake up the company’s existing business model. 

New Leadership

A new CEO, who has very high growth ambitions for the company, steps in and aims to harness the full potential of the business and its people. 

Fresh Investments

New industries are also continuously emerging, and fresh investments flow in.  

In any or sometimes a combination of these scenarios, there is a need to focus, consolidate, or expand. 

It is the role of the C-suite to persistently think and rethink their mid- to long-term strategic plans.  Business owners, CEOs, Chiefs for Operations, Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Finance, Human Resources, and other corporate leaders need to periodically sit down together and reassess their company’s purpose and ambitions. 

Through Acumen’s Strategy Navigator™, we will help you tackle such questions as “where do we play and not play?” as you draw or re-draw the big picture for the company and make a list of actionable initiatives.  


A proven framework for strategic planning

We provide a proven framework and guided approach for a comprehensive strategic planning process that will allow you to define clear goals, sharp strategies and an implementable course of action that aligns with your collective ambition.    

Actionable output

Our approach ensures that your leaders create, accept, understand and own the business plan—not simply leaving them with an unimplementable set of market sizing or theoretical strategies that were crafted independently by consultants.

Data-driven strategies

We will guide your teams on perusing data—applying Acumen’s proprietary approach—to map out both broad and targeted strategies. 

Facilitated by experienced C-suite consultants

Our own C-suite level consultants bring with them both global and local market experience to ensure that you arrive at insights that will serve as the foundation for laying out a rational plan.  

Collaborative approach

Acumen's structured and collaborative planning method also fosters accountability and buy-in from your leadership and management team.  This  ensures higher success rate of the plan.


"Acumen helped kickstart the Gokongwei Group’s transformation journey, and ten years from now, we will view this partnership as critical part in making the Gokongwei Group a much more customer centric, agile and digital organization"

Lance Gokongwei

Chief Executive Officer 

JG Summit Holdings, Inc.



Pauline Fermin

President & CEO, Acumen Strategy Consultants Business Development Director, Beverage Partners Worldwide Asia (Bangkok) Director for Strategic Planning, BPW Asia (Bangkok) & Coca-Cola Philippines Director for Strategic Marketing Research, Research and Trends, Coca-Cola Philippines Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble Phils

Acumen Team_0010_Pam Chan.jpg

Pam Chan

Program Director for Strategy Navigator, Acumen Strategy Consultants Director for Portfolio Management, Kaya Founders Adjunct Faculty, Asian Institute of Management Strategy and Operations Manager, New Financial Products, ​Stripe New York, USA​ Strategy and Operations MBA Intern,Google Mountain View, USA​ Client Solutions Manager/ Advertising Operations forConsumer Goods, Telecom, Retail, Facebook/Meta Philippines​ Country Brand Manager, FemCare​ Regional Assistant Brand Manager, Fabric Care, Procter & Gamble Singapore​ Master in Business Administration​, Harvard Business School​


Anny Oliveros

Senior Affiliate Consultant, Acumen Strategy Consultants Head of Knowledge Center & Sr. Strategist for Digital Transformation, Acumen Strategy Consultants PMP & Agile PM Foundations Certified Consumer Services, CRM and Loyalty Head, Del Monte Philippines Anlene Regional Brand Manager, Fonterra Brands Singapore Segment Head, Universal Robina Corporation

_0002_Trina Dumdumaya.jpg

Trina Dumdumaya

Affiliate Consultant, Acumen Strategy Consultants Co-Founder and Operator, Kinetiqq Senior Marketing Director, Brand Equity and Governance, Globe Telecom Senior Marketing Director, Customer Touchpoint Strategy, Globe Telecom Marketing Director, Post-Paid Strategy and Transformation, Globe Telecom Marketing Director, Retention and Brand Integration, Globe Telecom

_0000_Trish Magalino.jpg

Trish Magalino

Consulting Associate, Acumen Strategy Consultants Corporate Marketing Manager and Brand Manager, Sanitary Care Products Asia, Inc. Personal Branding Workshop Facilitator, Herald Suites Effective Communication Workshop Facilitator, Ayala Land, Inc. Marketing Head – Singles Ministry, Christ’s Commission Fellowship Recruitment Associate, Teach for the Philippines Brand Assistant, Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines Inc.

_0001_Jia Fuentes Santos.jpg

Jia Fuentes-Santos

Intellectual Property Development, Content & Project Manager, Acumen Strategy Consultants​ Business Development Head, TransPhil Real Estate Development Corp.​ Business Development Consultant and Mentor, Asian Institute of Management

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