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Recover by realigning your business

Reconfigure your business and turn this unprecedented crisis into an opportunity to identify your most critical priorities, accelerate digital shift in a strategic way and transform your business holistically.


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1  Revisit your Ps

2  Realign your Business

3  Retool your Organization


The crisis spared no one, affecting all companies and challenging how we do business.  Resources, be it money, time, people or energy, are fewer relative to the enormous task of recovery and re-building.  Now more than ever, it is incumbent on the leaders to step back, make data-driven decisions and focus on the few, mission-critical priorities.

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Amidst all the uncertainties, businesses need a few anchor principles:

  • Start with the one unchanging truth: there will be no business unless consumers find value in what we offer. Be relentless in defining your commercial strategy first.

  • Be very clear on the Purpose and Core Values which should guide decision, even tough ones. Communicate this clearly across the organization

  • Every peso count, so measure twice and cut once.  Think through your choices and priorities before making any significant investments.

  • Effective Digital Transformation is the product of well thought out business strategies. Companies that digitalize just to join the bandwagon end up committing "random acts of digital".


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Business Recovery Mapping

Business Recovery Planning accelerates business revitalization by unlocking the current potential of existing or new revenue streams through a process involving deep dives into business performance, the generation of new business-building concepts, workshops that establish the business's goals & objectives, and a re-examination of the core business model.


Business Recovery Planning provides business with clarity on business goals for the immediate future, fresh ideas to drive business growth, and an optimized sales strategy for business rebound, meeting the needs of businesses that find it critical to boost their revenue during this period.

Strategic Digital Transformation

Strategic Digital Transformation harmonizes the development of a business's digital strategy with its overall organizational context.


Using the results of the Digital Audit and the organization's digital index scores as a starting point, we then match this against the business's overall strategic plan, facilitate goal-setting & initiatives mapping sessions with Acumen's digital experts to emerge a digital roadmap that is customized to the organization's needs, context and objectives.

Digital Revenue Accelerator

The Digital Revenue Accelerator revamps a business's end-to-end digital distribution approach to maximize incremental business coming from digital channels. Work with our digital experts to optimize the customer journey and elevate the efficacy of your businesses' ecosystem by addressing digital friction points considering practical operational realities.


Made specifically for business who urgently need to accelerate the development of their online channels and maximize digital revenue, this service yields both customer facing e-commerce and go-to-market strategies that are relevant and immediately actionable.

Digital Marketing ROI

Digital Marketing ROI yields a digital marketing execution plan linked to the overall brand strategy that boosts the impact of business's digital marketing investments. Work with us to identify the right digital channels, media investments and digital marketing metrics to that will deliver and measure the impact of on both Brand Equity, Affinity and Digital Revenues.


Given its focus on digital marketing, its highly beneficial for businesses whose marketing mix prominently features digital channels and who are looking to stretch their digital investments.

Strategy Re-think

Strategy Re-think enables leadership teams to examine and re-strategize given today's challenging climate. Through a streamlined strategic planning process, businesses are guided through the analysis of data, identification of key issues & opportunities, development & prioritization of initiatives, and strategic allocation of resources.


Strategy Re-think provides businesses with a multi-year roadmap that lays the ground work for long-term recovery and a customer-centric, digitally-enabled organization—fitting for businesses that are getting back on their feet and looking to anchor in a clear but flexible plan for the near future.

Enterprise Transformation Initiative

The Enterprise Transformation Initiative optimizes a business for success, calibrating the total organization—its Purpose, Values, Goals, Strategies, Capabilities, and Structure —to recover, rebuild and achieve its ambitions, all while meeting changing consumer needs and challenging market dynamics.


The Enterprise Transformation Initiative delivers a comprehensive strategic plan, end-to-end organizational transformation, multi-level capability building, mindset embedding and brand renewal. Its holistic approach to evolving a business makes it appropriate for organizations who view this challenging period as an opportunity to embark on a total business transformation.

Insightful Data Analytics

Insightful Data Analytics and CRM (IDA) aims to generate relevant and actionable Business and Consumer Insights to strengthen loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.


We begin this process with a thorough audit of the completes audit of the company's existing data, data gathering process & dashboards. We use this to emerge relevant and actionable recommendations on data specification and collection strategies as well as analysis of existing data providing critical utility to businesses who are currently struggling to materialize the value of their data.

Process/Operations Reconfiguration

Process/Operations Reconfiguration aids businesses in the targeted transformation of key business areas such as Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations and Finance.   It includes in-depth audit of existing processes to identify gaps and re-configuration designed by functional experts who will bring local and global expertise and best practices.


Process/Operations Reconfiguration equips businesses with informed, strategically prioritized recommendations and actionable reconfiguration roadmaps for their target areas, delivering particular value for businesses who recognize specific business areas prime for improvement.

Strategic Digital Transformation


Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions

The Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions focus on developing quick plays for businesses looking to drive small but impactful pivots for their business. Anchoring in Acumen's proprietary research into Filipino consumers and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions provide businesses with a range of actions that are easy to implement and build up to larger strategic plays.

For business realignment, the Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions    include:

Business Recovery Workshop Session

Set clear goals and financial targets, identify promising marketing and sales actions, and explore commercial plan innovations in a session that jumpstarts business recovery planning.

Digital Quick Wins Workshop Session

A guided working session with Acumen's digital strategists to help businesses identify digital quick wins grounded in the business's most urgent goals and needs. This workshop is optimal for businesses who recognize that digital is key to business recovery but have highly limited resources and need guidance on where to focus and begin.

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Pauline Fermin is Acumen's Chief Operating Officer and  head of the Business Transformation practice area.

Albert Cuadrante heads Acumen's Strategic Digital Transformation practice area.


Nadine Cariño heads Acumen's Capability Building practice area.

Chelet Tanjuatco heads Acumen's Strategic Brand Building practice area.

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