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Recover by revisiting your Ps

Innovate or renovate to build brand relevance and develop an agile business and marketing plan by understanding enduring consumer behaviors and unlocking what is core to the Filipino culture.


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1  Revisit your Ps

2  Realign your Business

3  Retool your Organization


Each phase of the pandemic has come with a shift in consumer needs, expectations, and purchasing behavior. In the last three months, we have seen:

  • Essentials becoming non-essentials

  • Non-essentials becoming a pantry staple

  •  New innovations spaces opening up due to changes in customer dynamic

  • Increasing competition from small, independent businesses

  • Abrupt changes in decision-making behavior

With the consumers evolving at hyper-speed, businesses should review their marketing commercial strategy and ensure that they address the dynamic needs and behavior of the consumer.

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When everything seeming so volatile, it is important to have a good grasp of the core values of Filipino consumers as these drive their behavior and decisions, no matter the situation. Insights derived from these values lend foresight for a sound Brand Positioning and Brand Strategy that:

  •  Deeply understands the enduring values of the Filipinos that influence and motivate customer behavior

  • Unlocks what's core to Filipinos to defend or improve your position in the market

  •  Innovates to re-position your brand and build brand relevance

  • Yields a simple, agile business and marketing plan that is easy to implement and equally easy to pivot i.e. low sunk cost, flexible investments


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Brand Path

Brand Path guides businesses in articulating their brand's vision, expressing its core proposition, and developing the business-building commercial strategy that's fit for the current situation and that's relevant, differentiated, and compelling for the target consumer.


Brand Path arms businesses with a strong brand identity, a sound marketing plan and a clear path for execution, making it particularly relevant for businesses who are finding that the roles their products or services play in the lives of consumers are being reshaped in today's reality.

Market Entry Strategy

Market Entry Strategy enables businesses to begin expanding into new markets or consumer segments with a fact-based analysis of the market landscape and the white spaces that the business may occupy. Informed by a thorough review of the market landscape and in-depth consumer understanding, Market Entry Strategy pinpoints the strategic choices that must be made to ensure a sustainable business.


Market Entry Strategy sets a business up for success by producing a top line entry strategy, brand identity, and marketing strategy to guide their approach into new territories. It is designed for businesses who aim to elevate their businesses and capitalize on new opportunities.

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab stimulates the generation of game-changing and revenue-generating ideas, processes, products, ventures and solutions that will grow a business. Implementing Acumen's proprietary approaches to innovation and innovation framework, Innovation Lab expertly introduces a mindset and way of thinking that allows businesses to see things with a fresh perspective and discover new avenues for growth.


Innovation Lab delivers innovation ideas and base market entry strategies for businesses, proving useful for businesses that need to unlock new revenue streams or who recognize profound shifts in the needs & behaviors of their target consumers.

Communications Reposition and Reconnect

Communications Reposition and Reconnect equips businesses with a relevant, differentiated communication message for their brand in a time where consumers have experienced many shifts and changes. Acumen's approach to developing Communications Reposition and Reconnect allows businesses to uncover new messaging angles while staying true to the brand's purpose and leveraging its existing strengths.


Communications Reposition and Reconnect pairs an actionable communication strategy with a strong brand positioning and Marketing Mix Strategy, making it particularly valuable for businesses that are looking to deeply reconnect with consumers during this challenging period.

Brand Path
Innovation Lab


Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions

The Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions focus on developing quick plays for businesses looking to drive small but impactful pivots for their business. Anchoring in Acumen's proprietary research into Filipino consumers and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions provide businesses with a range of actions that are easy to implement and build up to larger strategic plays.


For  brand building, the Navigate Guided Strategy Sessions include:

Brand Positioning / Comms Renovation Workshop Session

Generate fresh positioning statements that can help your brand reconnect with your consumers in a meaningful and business building way.

Innovation Workshop Session

Churn out an innovation pipeline that includes game-changing and revenue generating ideas, processes, products, ventures and solutions that will grow your business.

Marketing Mix Strategy Workshop Session

Re-examine your business’s marketing plan and generate relevant and actionable marketing mix ideas that will effectively reach your customers and drive more revenues for your brand.

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Pauline Fermin is Acumen's Chief Operating Officer and  head of the Business Transformation practice area.

Albert Cuadrante heads Acumen's Strategic Digital Transformation practice area.


Nadine Cariño heads Acumen's Capability Building practice area.

Chelet Tanjuatco heads Acumen's Strategic Brand Building practice area.

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