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Recover by retooling your organization

Revisit organizational competencies: sharpen critical skills and ensure relevant foundational knowledge, embed agility in changing consumer and digital reality.


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People Pivot


Business disruptions as big as these, coupled with high levels of pressure and uncertainty are forcing leaders to pivot not only how they serve their consumers but also how they serve their employees.


Organizations and employees have been feeling immense pressure to keep up with:

  • Major shifts in marketing, channel, product and supply chain strategy

  • Changes in the organization’s ways of working—WFH, social distancing, new sales channels

  • Rapid digital transformation

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In this environment, it’s critical that businesses retool their organization and people to build an agile organization that can adapt and flex to changing internal and external customer needs. This involves:

  • Revisiting the organizational foundations covering capabilities, culture and effectively managing this transformation is a big, but necessary undertaking that will set up businesses for sustained recovery.

  • Ensuring that people have the foundational competencies to read consumers, the business and the market for strategic decision-making

  • Enabling teams to work effectively under the redefined consumer and market conditions, redefining the critical skills and competencies needed by the new organization

  • Inculcating new ways of working, develop digital expertise, and learn how to build a brand with agility tools that are now foundational to developing a future-ready organization

Digital Enablement Program
Foundations of Strategy

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Marketing Excellence Program

The Marketing Excellence Programs provides marketers with the foundational skills critical to help navigate today's environment. A comprehensive program customized to address the key competencies of an effective marketers in your organization integrates modules on business analysis, insight mining, and marketing strategy.


The Marketing Excellence Program is designed to deliver competencies on: identifying brand issues, mapping consumer journeys, enhancing propositions, developing marketing strategies, and strategic copy evaluation. The market and consumers have profoundly shifted and when the foundational skills on strategy are most critical.

Foundations of Strategy: Sales Strategy Program

The Sales Strategy Program is a program for mid-level Sales leaders to build capabilities on leading strategically and developing business-building programs in line with the evolving consumer and organization's context. The program focuses on elevating the Sales organization's abilities on analysis and strategy development through modules on modules on business analysis, customer centricity & CX, and business & customer strategy.


Business acumen is the base to sales success, the Sales Strategy Program to designed to produce sales leaders who excel in identifying business issues, developing strategic imperatives and sales propositions, and implementing effective sales strategies.

Foundations of Strategy: Business Strategy Program

The Business Strategy Program enables leaders to formulate the business unit level goals and objectives using an analysis of the strengths and capabilities of the organization. Integrating modules in business analysis, customer orientation & customer centricity, and business & customer strategy.


The Business Strategy Program yields a team of functional level leaders who are skilled in identifying business issues, outlining strategic imperatives, and developing business strategies. Its strong emphasis on elevating the strategic acumen of functional level leaders makes it highly beneficial to organizations who want to unlock the synergistic potential of its functional units in making business objectives a reality.

Digital Enablement Program

The Digital Enablement Program advances a business’s digitalization agenda and enables its success during this era of the digital consumer by embedding the essential capabilities of customer centricity and agility. The Digital Enablement Program produces a digitally-enabled team with the right knowledge, mindset, and skills to deliver against the business's digital strategy roadmap. The embedded skills are tailored to the business's set strategic evolution with core competencies in customer centricity and Agile WOW.

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Pauline Fermin is Acumen's Chief Operating Officer and  head of the Business Transformation practice area.

Albert Cuadrante heads Acumen's Strategic Digital Transformation practice area.


Nadine Cariño heads Acumen's Capability Building practice area.

Chelet Tanjuatco heads Acumen's Strategic Brand Building practice area.

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