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Guided Strategy Sessions for SMEs

Our Guided Strategy Sessions are hands-on strategy and action oriented workshops facilitated by our experts to help businesses quickly address today's critical needs  and prime the organization for success into future. 


Communications Reposition and Reconnect

Communications Strategy equips businesses with a relevant, differentiated communication message for their brand in a time where consumers have experienced many shifts and changes, particularly during the COVID crisis. Acumen's approach to developing Communications Strategy allows businesses to uncover new messaging angles while staying true to the brand's purpose and leveraging its existing strengths.


Brand Positioning + Communication Strategy

Marketing Mix Remix

Marketing Mix Remix guides businesses in re-examining their marketing plan and generates 
relevant and actionable marketing mix ideas that will effectively reach customers whose behaviors continuously shift as they steer through uncertain times. Acumen’s process in developing a sound Marketing Mix ensures that businesses renovate their commercial strategy in ways that strongly align with consumer needs and desires and moves the needle for their brands.


Commercial Plan: Key Challenges and Marketing Mix Strategies

Innovation Sessions

Innovation Sessions enable businesses to quickly generate an innovation pipeline of game-changing, revenue-generating ideas, processes, products, ventures and solutions. Using Acumen’s approach to Innovation, these sessions allow businesses to identify new revenue streams, unveil white spaces and discover untapped opportunities.


Innovation Product Concept Statements

Digital Quick Wins Workshop

A guided working session with Acumen's digital strategists to help clients identify digital quick wins grounded on the business’ most urgent goals and needs.


The Digital Quick Wins Workshop  is optimal for businesses who recognize that digital is key to business recovery but have highly limited resources and need guidance on where to focus and begin.


Prioritized list of digital quick wins and potential long term digital strategies



Pauline Fermin is Acumen's Managing Director and  head of the Business Transformation practice area.

Albert Cuadrante heads Acumen's Strategic Digital Transformation practice area.


Nadine Cariño heads Acumen's Capability Building practice area.

Chelet Tanjuatco heads Acumen's Strategic Brand Building practice area.

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