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Navigate’s Recovery Programs are comprehensive, multi-faceted solutions that span across Acumen’s three recovery pillars, address the key needs of businesses in this period, and prime organizations for success today and into the future.


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Revenue Rebuild

The Revenue Rebuild revitalizes a business’s commercial strategy using a comprehensive, data-driven approach to generate new business-building sales and marketing solutions, business model innovation and accelerated yet strategic digitalization of customer & go-to-market strategies.

Innovation for Recovery

Innovation for Recovery leverages the potential of fresh ideas, actionable concepts, and opportunities grounded in real customer needs to drive a business’s revival. New revenue streams and opportunities will be unlocked to place the business on the right track towards sustainable growth.

The Big Idea + Digital Marketing Execution Plan

The Big Idea + Digital Marketing Execution  Plan equips businesses with a differentiated communication message that drives business relevance and delivers clear business impact through a process that builds an in-depth understanding of the consumer, produces a focused brand positioning & communications strategy, optimizes social media communications & marketing, and identifies priority digital marketing metrics and analytics.

Long-Term Strategy Roadmap

The Long-Term Strategy Roadmap enables leadership teams to examine and re-strategize given today's challenging climate. Through a streamlined strategic planning process, the planning team is guided through strategy formulation sessions based on Acumen’s deep dive analytics and insights, identification of key issues & opportunities, development & prioritization of initiatives, and strategic allocation of resources.

Revenue Generating Action Plan

Pauline Fermin is Acumen's Chief Operating Officer and  head of the Business Transformation practice area.

Albert Cuadrante heads Acumen's Strategic Digital Transformation practice area.


Nadine Cariño heads Acumen's Capability Building practice area.

Chelet Tanjuatco heads Acumen's Strategic Brand Building practice area.

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