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Digital Competency & Capability Building Program

The Digital Enablement Program advances a business’s digitalization agenda and enables its success during this era of the digital consumer by embedding the essential capabilities of customer centricity and agility. We help the company produce a digitally-enabled team with the right knowledge, mindset, and skills to deliver against the business's digital strategy roadmap.


Businesses who have plotted their digital roadmap and need to build a digital culture by ensuring that their team is ready to plan, implement, monitor, and optimize the initiatives in the business's digital journey.


Proven strategy expertise and track record of faculty who each have at least 20 years of work experience individually and have held senior marketing and management positions in blue-chip companies in the Philippines and around Asia.

Developed, tried and tested principles, frameworks, techniques, and tools that are customized, taught, and practiced in a holistic approach.


Strategic Digital Transformation: Leadership Learning Sessions

To provide Senior Leadership with the foundational understanding of key SDT topics to aid decision making and strategic prioritization

Maximizing Digital Marketing ROI

A supplement to the current MEP, this will help translate the key principles taught in the marketing foundations to Digital Strategies and Plans

Agility Toolkit For Evolving Organizations

To equip the organization with a bespoke curriculum that will allow them to make the most out of the concepts and principles of agile that are relevant and actionable to their organization

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