Now more than ever, it’s time to take a step back, be deliberate, and make informed choices as businesses and organizations confront unprecedented times.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has massively disrupted the lives of Filipino consumers and businesses. Consumer lifestyles have been altered and business models and organizational resiliency have been tested. As businesses enter the renewed reality and relaunch their organizations with the singular goal of recovery, the way forward is filled with uncertainty.

Founded on proprietary research on Filipino consumers and businesses during the COVID pandemic, Acumen Navigate provides a suite of services anchored on a consumer-centric approach, helping businesses make informed bets to recover and grow their business in this volatile and uncertain times.

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Acumen Navigate’s top solutions address the most critical challenges that businesses face today: revenue generation, digitalization, business relevance, and strategy development.

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Revenue Generating Action Plan

The Revenue Generating Action Plan revitalizes a business’s commercial strategy using a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach that generates new business-building product concepts, streamlines business recovery planning, facilitates the digitalization of operations & go-to-market strategies, and builds key capabilities in data analytics and insighting.

Strategic Digital Evolution

Strategic Digital Evolution positions businesses for success by elevating their digital capabilities to the levels required in today’s digital world through a process that guides businesses in the digitalization of their commercial plans & operations, optimizes their digital marketing & customer experience, and analyzes their business and customer data for key insights.

Brand Path

Brand Path guides businesses in articulating their brand's vision, expressing its core proposition, and developing the business-building commercial strategy that's fit for this pandemic and that's relevant, differentiated, and compelling for the target consumer.

Market Entry

Market Entry enables businesses to expand into new markets or consumer segments with a fact-based analysis of today’s market landscape and strategic prioritization of the white spaces that a business may occupy.

Foundations of  Strategy

Foundations of Strategy equips businesses with the critical capabilities that enable strategic thinking about an interconnected market landscape and the implementation of business building programs within the context of the consumer and the organization.

Digital Enablement Program

The Digital Enablement Program advances a business’s digitalization agenda and enables its success during this era of the digital consumer by embedding the essential capabilities of customer centricity and agility.



Acumen Navigate is fueled by our deep insights into Filipino consumers and businesses surfaced through our proprietary research into the Filipino market conducted in Q2 2020. Dive deeper into our insights below.





The Future of Free Time: Leisure & Amusement Post-Quarantine


How will Filipinos unwind, relax and enjoy their free time in the post-quarantine reality? Acumen key insights reveal a struggle between an inclination towards activities tied closer to home and an itch to return to leisure outdoors.

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Smart Spending: Filipino Finances Post-Quarantine


How will Filipinos spend in the post-quarantine period? With many Filipinos’ incomes affected by COVID-19, Acumen’s insights indicate that Filipinos will continue to keep a close watch on their expenses but free up some leeway for non-essential spending.

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The SEC Divides in Post-Quarantine Recovery


What is the portrait of the Filipino coming out of quarantine? Acumen’s insight indicates there isn’t a singular one—the different SECs of Filipino society present a range of realities as Filipinos step out of quarantine on different footing.

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Based on our research into the state of consumers and businesses today, Acumen’s roadmap to recovery outlines a three-pronged approach:

Revisit your Ps to drive sustainable demand

Innovate to build brand relevance and develop an agile business and marketing plan by understanding enduring consumer behaviors and unlocking what is core to the Filipino culture


Realign your business to match today’s market dynamics

Navigate through the rapidly changing market and consumer dynamics through agile planning and laying the groundwork for medium- to long-term transformation in strategically critical areas of the business:  customer strategy, digital, go-to-market, supply chain.


Retool your organization to adapt for sustainable success

Revisit organizational foundations: redefine critical skills and competencies, develop digital expertise and learn how to build a brand with agility



Navigate’s Recovery Programs are comprehensive, multi-faceted solutions that span across Acumen’s three recovery pillars, address the key needs of businesses in this period, and prime organizations for success today and into the future.

Revenue Generating Action Plan

The Revenue Generating Action Plan revitalizes a business’s commercial strategy using a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach that generates new business-building product concepts, optimizes business recovery planning, facilitates the digitalization of operations & go-to-market strategies, and builds capabilities in data analytics and insighting.

Innovation for Recovery

Innovation for Recovery leverages the potential of fresh ideas and opportunities in driving a business’s revival, implementing process that originates novel concepts and streamlines business recovery planning.

Big Idea + Digital Marketing Execution Plan

The Big Idea + Digital Marketing Execution   Plan equips businesses with differentiated communication message that drives business relevance and delivers clear business impact through a process that builds an in-depth understanding of the consumer, produces a focused brand positioning & communications strategy, optimizes social media communications & marketing, and identifies priority digital marketing metrics and analytics.

Long-Term Strategy Roadmap

The Long-Term Strategy Roadmap guides businesses in developing flexible strategies & plans for the longer-term horizon by applying a comprehensive strategic planning approach that incorporates every aspect of the business and building critical capabilities in data analytics and insighting to support strategy development and implementation.

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Pauline Fermin is Acumen's Managing Director and  head of the Business Transformation practice area.

Nadine Cariño heads Acumen's Capability Building practice area.

Chelet Tanjuatco heads Acumen's Strategic Brand Building practice area.

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